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Our experts are standing by to assess and evaluate any problem you may have with your home’s driveway gate.

For many useful words of advice about your gate’s care and maintenance, check out our tips section below.

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Inspect the sliding gate track for bending and rust often

While a tiny bent section may cause the gate to shake a bit, a bigger one can lead to complete jamming. That is why this problem requires an immediate solution. With proper repair, the track will be perfectly straight once again. The track can rust if it’s exposed to harsh driveway cleaners or road salts. If cleaning doesn’t help, replacement could be the only solution.

Ensure that you get a comprehensive warranty plan

Getting a new gate is expensive, so you would want to make sure that it lasts for years to come, right? A good warranty plan will ensure that you won’t have to pay a thing if your gate needs to be repaired or replaced due to a manufacturing fault. Some plans even cover accidental damage. A good tip is to opt for an extended warranty plan for added peace of mind.