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Gate Installation

A Gate That Serves to Protect

Your home is built for comfort and safety and its walls may protect you just fine, but extending your effective protection with a fence and a gate will provide you with added security while you're inside all warm and cozy. A gate is the perfect addition to your home security measures. With a reliable gate, you are effectively keeping potential dangers out. These include unwanted invasion into your private affairs as well as possible threats to your life. Aside from its ability to protect you, adding a gate also contributes to your curb appeal or overall architectural look. It is after all going to be the first part of your home anyone is going to encounter. If you're looking to get a gate installed, you're going to have a lot of design-related decisions to make. One of the most crucial steps is to choose between iron and wood.

The Iron Decision

You can't go wrong with iron because it has been around for ages and it has been used in many structures both as the sole material or the most integral frame that provides structural stability. The crowning glory of iron has to be the Eiffel Tower. By choosing iron, you are essentially putting up an Eiffel Tower of your own to protect your home. We can perform an iron gate installation according to your particular needs. Aesthetic considerations include the use of bars and plates. When you go with a majority bar type of gate, your gate is going to be more open and it's going to allow unobstructed viewing of your home, whereas the use of plates will maintain your privacy. Other considerations include the use of intricate design elements that create a more Victorian appeal. You'll have to think about these as you decide on the type of opening you're going to have. Your two most common choices are slide and swing doors.

Going for a Wood Gate Installation

A gate made of wood is going to be both sturdy and stylish. Wood is a great building material to work with. It's strong and easily manipulated. Because of these two characteristics, you're going to be able to think up a gate that's both going to serve as your home's primary defense against unwanted guests and as your primary decorative element. Since wood is instinctively perceived as being more natural, its use is going to convey a more rural or rustic feel. As with iron, when you choose wood for your gate, you are going to have to choose the manner with which the doors open, the number of doors present and the intricacy of the design.

Going Automatic

Whichever material you decide on, you're still going to have to open and close it manually. That is, if you don't get an automatic gate.

We are quite skillful electric gate opener installers, so call us for your electric opener with automatic sensor or remote control and receiver installation needs.