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Most Common Gate Automation Problems

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Most Common Gate Automation Problems

Most Common Gate Automation Problems | Gate Repair Allen TX

Problems with your automated gate can occur for a variety of reasons because these are essentially complex electrical systems with a mechanical part. Often you’ll want to be aware of the types of issues that you could be facing before calling in the professionals. The most common issues to be aware of when troubleshooting your gate problems are:

Water Saturated Motors

Your motor may be being poorly affected by water if the drainage system was either poorly fitted during installation or has become blocked since then. Almost all electric gate motors are actually underground and though they work well under pressure, they don’t work well under water. If your electrical entrance system isn’t functioning, this should be your first port of call.

Weak Gate Openers

When getting parts replaced over time, always ensure that you choose high quality parts that meet the specifications for your type of gate. Professionals will always recommend stronger gate openers for entryways that are built on ascending slopes. If your openers are of a poor quality or have been under an unusual amount of strain, then they may be your problem.

Simple Battery Issues

Often times the reason your electrical system isn’t working is simply the battery on the remote! Modern electric entryways come with a fantastic array of opening options from key cards, to video facial recognition and everything in between. If your opening device isn’t working, then neither will your gate. Perhaps the easiest solution to a non-functioning system, is to try replacing the battery in your devices. This fixes the problem nine times out of ten.

Self-Locking Mechanism Malfunctions

Many electric residential gates today come with self-locking mechanisms to improve the security and safety of the product to homeowners. This is a great safety feature that ensures your door-part won’t swing open randomly and hit children or pets, but it can also bring its own problems. If it isn’t opening there is a possibility that the self-locking mechanism is jammed. This will usually require a professional to fix. Fortunately, with the right tools these jams can be quickly remedied.

Know You Limits

As much as we all love being the handyman, if your problems aren’t immediately or easily identifiable, it may be time to call a technician. They have years of training in the industry and can save you valuable time and money by quickly locating the trouble area and getting it fixed for you. By all means, do check the basic functions mentioned above for yourself before calling someone out, but for the actual fixing, it’s best to call the experts, as some procedures aren't safe to handle on your own.


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